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5 Lessons Western Christians Should Learn from Persecuted Christians

A book focusing on the experience of persecuted Christians can help Western Christians prepare for a future in which religious freedom is severely eroded.

Actor Dylan O’Brien Puts Down the Labels and Picks Up Courage in ‘Love and Monsters’

An accessible, fun and thoughtful choice for the family with enough scare to entertain the teens, but also offer some deeper commentary.

Where Will You Shop in the Retail World of Tomorrow?

Technology and the accelerating effects of COVID are seeing new versions of shopping arrive sooner than expected, and they may be here to stay.

Australian Mums on Parenting Generational Alpha

One mum says that mothers today are often carrying 2-3 jobs as they juggle full time work, caring for the kids and home.

“I’m Happy I Came Back to that Perspective. It’s Not Just Based on My Bubble” – Jules Sebastian

Stylist, TV Host and philanthropist Jules Sebastian is sharing some behind-the-scenes of that journey in her first book, ‘Tea & Honesty’.

The Expectation Gap

In the area of romance and marriage it’s so important we take a step back and bridge the expectation gap. Here are a few tips that’ll help us do just that.

‘God and Hamilton’ – The Deeply Religious Story of the Hit Musical

Hamilton delves into the life of a deeply religious man, who fought for the downtrodden and sought forgiveness and redemption.

Blockchain May Bring Greater Levels of Financial Equality

Blockchain is changing finance across the globe, and as it rises in the coming years it is set to benefit the everyday individual in many ways.

‘Lion’ Mother Sue Brierley Insists Mothering is a Role to Be Shared

Sue Brierley has used her own childhood to relate to the hardships faced by her sons, Saroo and Mantosh, and shares her story in ‘Lioness’.

The Future of Worship: How COVID Changed the Way We Church

The global health crisis has dramatically shifted the way people connect with their church. Is it for good, or will service soon return to normal?